Wednesday, March 12, 2008


heading to brussels today...plenty of work to be done there on compositing and effects.
met up with fabrice when i first arrived here in paris. itsccrazy that its 5 year since we worked on the script....

had a meeting with bruno coulais the composer yesterday, he is starting to make the demos now to work along side the editing.
he was telling me how he worked on coraline, the beautiful henry selick/neil gaiman project in portland. they actually animated to his demos. im really excited to see that movie.
i guess music is the big thing animatiin has over comics for me as a medium....its such a huge extra dimension...
i saw "there will be blood" last night. the soundtrack in that one...holy moley.

met tom caulfield on the planeover, he and caroline pionchon are working on slyvain chomets new project here in paris.
nice to hear about twoexciting traditiinally created projects these past few days...coraline and the illusionist...i kind of like how 2d is becoming specialised like stop motion, means that people are choosing it for artistic rrasons andonly the hardcore specialists will be left. its not the norm to seelots of bad 2d its mainly bad cg3d wesee!

ahhh sure...i'll get back to the grind now....

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  1. Agreed re trad 2D animation, it's a good thing that there's less of it around. Quality not quantity.

    I reckon Flash actually delivers better animation for your money on TV series budgets than Trad because of its various efficiencies. And 3D delivers your immersive mainstream popcorn cinema experience perfectly when done well, Walt would have loved it.

    Trad 2D delivers something neither of them can touch, but only when it's at its absolute best.

    I think the comparison with stop motion works too. There was a big upturn in traditionally animated adverts last year, this year it's all stop motion. It'll drift in and out of fashion but it will always be around because it can be so visually captivating.