Sunday, March 02, 2008

nothing to do with the Secret of Kells...

So, this is probably mildly inappropriate but I don't care!
Please watch this video...all of it. Its gruesome in places and I've been disturbed a bit since viewing it all last night , but its a subject that I feel very strongly about.
This blog is probably the widest public forum I have and I thought its probably worth giving this documentary a plug here just in case it might make someone think twice about their attitude to meat and animal rights.

EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity's absolute dependence on animals .


  1. hi Tomm, i have just watched two out of the three parts of the earthlings documentary. you were right - even though i am a vegetarian and do my best to not inflict pain knowingly i still feel guilty for not doing enough. if any meat eater can honestly watch this documentary and continue to eat meat then they are at least aware of what they are doing. all others who choose to eat meat and not watch this documentary are living a lie. i cried and sobbed at the pain and hurt these animals have gone through. the images will never leave me especially the fear in the eyes.

  2. I have watched it all, and I think earth may be the hell of animals. If the reincarnation exists, so the state of animal is the hell of humans.
    In this earth all things are connected, we all are one.
    Humans doens't like this idea because there ego is more important for them than all other things (why?).
    They have no enougth with that thought, they want to demostrate to all the species that they are the best.
    But in nature all things are connected, "best" and "worse" doesn't ashame to be what they are.

    Humans are the error of life on earth...

    PS: sorry for my english ^^

  3. nice documentary, Tomm. It really makes me think about the pain we are able to cause the other living beings in this planet, specially the cruelty with animals, and of course with other human beings, in a less obvious way. You can think that nobody is eating human beings, but for me working exploitation of workers in europe or any other countrys like china is a crime as cruel as killing for food. Exploiters are not directly eating human flesh but they are consuming the workers lives till death to increase their own welth. will like to recommend you some other documentarys, not directly related to the subject but also about egoism , that also makes me thinking about changing my life direction. Please give them a chance. here they are
    "century of the self"
    "oil smoke and mirrors"
    "the take"

    greetings. Daniel Alcaraz