Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Japanese Pangur Ban toy!

Chris Battle just sent me a link on facebook to thsi Japanese blog where someone has madea Pangur Ban toy!

Bizarre and amazing to me the reach this project has ! Nice job whoever you are!


  1. There's quite a significant community among the Japanese for making Kells fan art, considering that the film hasn't been released there? The pictures at that blog are the loveliest (and it has a category just for Kells-related posts) but there are a few others I've come across as well:
    And these pictures present a particularly, um, "interesting" interpretation…

  2. The title on the blog post says "Pangabonpangabon" :D
    Japanese are the best!

  3. hey Tomm, I'm Laura from Milan and I need your help, my professor is writing a book about animation and I'm gonna write the section about Irish animation. Can I make you some questions about the movie? my email address: Please I really need your help. Thank you very much. Cheers

  4. damn, someone bet me to the plushie punch.. it looks well made though

  5. Your film was fantastic. We saw it in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Daughter and I were inspired and did some Pangur Ban art directly after the show. Now I'm gearing up to hopefully make a plush cat.

    Did you know there's a facebook Pangur Ban page?
    Well here it is:!/pages/Kells-Ireland/Pangur-Ban/159356954914?ref=ts

    And lastly, it's just ridiculous that Kells didn't get best animated feature. Kells and Ponyo both tied in my book.

  6. Pangur ban looks so cute *____*