Thursday, August 13, 2009

The first rule of Directors club...

Is we don't talk about Directors club - d'oh!
Here is the gang from the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland at the directors club where I did a Q+A on directing Kells.

It was a great night alright. Thanks to all my fellow directors for showing up !

I saw a nice display for the DVDs on Grafton street too in HMV , they seem to be in plenty of shops...hope people pick them up. I am still waiting for my free copies...dagnabit!

Anyway I am sure they are on their way...

BTW I noticed there are more and more free downloads of Kells popping up and although our distributors and sales agents try to stop it, its pretty hard.
Please don't steal our film! If you do, at least buy a DVD when you get the chance ,eh?
If everyone downloaded films for free...well we would'nt be able to make a living making them.

I know there are arguments fro free content and so on, but right now its only hurting small producers and directors and the industry as a whole to download stuff illegally...


  1. So far, Ive only seen a few minutes of it on YouTube, enough to make me want to pick up a copy of the dvd when it hits the states!

  2. Will there be a DVD release here in the states? I am anxiously awaiting...

  3. Trust me; I would LOVE to buy a copy of the DVD. I refuse to steal the film, but please bring Kells to the U.S. soon! If you guys are going to make more films like Kells, I will gladly pay top dollar.

  4. Heh hehe! Bought my copy a couple of weeks ago! :) Great work, guys!