Thursday, March 05, 2009

Get thee to a Cinema!

The Secret of Kells is out on 25 prints tommorow.
I am really hoping the home crowd go to it in droves!
Its a little strange not being in Ireland this weekend but we are in Cartoon Movie
in Lyon where we are presented it in its finished form after all these years!
Here are some video interviews with the voice actors online plus some clips from the movie -

heres a small selection of recent reviews to encourage you!-

“I loved The Secret of Kells….. it’s one of the most visually arresting animations I’ve seen, every frame is a work of art. That coupled with a perfect soundtrack and a back-drop of Irish folklore, it’s impossible not to love it.” Vincent Donnelly, Movies Plus Magazine and

“The film combines the visual beauty of Celtic typography with the humour of Belleville Rendezvous and the charm of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.” Michael Dohery, The RTE Guide

“Certain to draw fans… Visually ravishing … magic” Lee Marshall, Screen International

“The film is quite simply astounding, a tour de force. Aglow with beguiling colour, and replete with an enthralling, deceptively simple narrative, it is guaranteed to fascinate children and adults alike.” Padraic Killeen, Irish Examiner

“This is a beautiful, unique project …. in addition to attractive characters and lush designs derived from the precious manuscript of the title, this is a pleasingly jingoistic reminder of a time when Ireland saved civilisation.” Hot Press, 4* review

“A Kell of a Movie…” News of the World


  1. Hi Tomm. Getting all animation students to see it tomorrow. Saw it at premiere. Beautiful work. Mesmerizing.

    Best of luck at Cartoon Movie

  2. Hey, it's officially out today, ain't it? Good luck.

  3. Will it be shown in Paris in English? I know it was released here on 11 February in French but that just won't be the same as watching it in the original version. I've seen the posters and read all about it and now I just want to see the movie.