Friday, July 20, 2007

another day in hungaria

just for kicks i thought i'd write a post here in the airport in budapest ,
i'm enjoying the air conditioning and free wireless access!
its crazy hot here - 46 c !
and yet its been raining for weeks in ireland.

Camille joined us on this trip to help us sort out the approval process and Martin Fagin was here to help the clean up artists get off to a good start. I think Martins drawings are really inspiring them a lot!

Fabian and Darko are working very hard with the animators here , helping them get into the film.
its great to have them both on the project, Darko is even managing to animate some very nice small scenes in the mornings which is great, and Fabian is working hard teaching the crew the style and character models.

We had a long tough week going thru' tons of scenes that have been backed up in retakes here. we saw some lovely stuff from Jano and Nsuzi and other animators whos names i cannot spell(!) as well as superstar Andrej Radka, probably the best animator i've ever worked with just about. i'm kind of a nerdy fan of his scenes...he did beautiful stuff in Kilkenny and now hes working from Poland for Kecskemet and doing beautiful stuff.
the style is simple but tricky and some people have a hard time catching it...even experienced its great having animators like Andrej, Jano and Nsuzi to point to as an example.
as well as all the nice stuff from belgium that we are recieving now.....

we have recieved some nice composited and ink and paint scenes this week too and I have a long list of bgs to check its nice to be busy!

heres a work in progress panel from a comic (the bg in this panel is'nt finished yet) I'm working on right now that shows a bit of the back story to the film......not much time to work on it but its fun to have this ticking away .... maybe people who know something about the film can guess who these characters are....


  1. I have been following your blog for a long time and have to say that what your people are doing looks fantastic. I hope the finished film makes it to Canada. I'd love to see it.

  2. Wow, Tomm, that picture suggests a lot! Is it Brendan's father bringing him to live in Kells with his uncle where he's safe from the Vikings?
    I like the blotchy rain from Ross' 'at sea' concept art better, but it's a cool picture altogether.

  3. Marissa DelbressineSaturday, August 04, 2007

    Yep, yep! I know them! It's the abbot and poor little Brendan! Awww, this is such a touching scene. *snuggles up to the drawing* He saved the boy from danger -wolves I guess?- explaining the scar. I heard that story when I was polishing up Brendan skills at Walking the Dog ;) I'm so excited to read about the progress!

  4. oh dont know, as head of efx on brendan it is great rain, rock on tomm

  5. Wow, Head of FX? Really??
    Even though I did the entire fx breakdown for you, you never could remember my name, could you now, Jeremy?

    It just looks like Photoshop Noise with a Directional Blur on it set to Screen. Makes it feel too procedural while the style has such an organic look. Just feels a little off style, that's all. It's just one guy's opinion. I really like the rest of the picture, especially the colours.

  6. hey Daan - thats EXACTLY what that rain is - Jer showed me how to do it in a cafe in Dublin after a trip to Belgium. Maybe I;ll fix it when I finish the bg...more organic- using ink splats like...but i have so many more pages to do first!!!