Monday, May 07, 2007


Here are some composited frames of a scene animated by Jean Baptiste Van Demme , cleaned up by Martin Fagin , Clean BG by Jean Baptiste, colour BG by Spirit Productions Angouleme,
Ink and Paint plus cloak texture by Digital Graphics in Liege Belgium, composited at Spirit.

This month has seen us receive some final composited , coloured scenes, which is nice, some look great. Theres plenty more problems to solve in that section.
I will post some of these coloured scenes soon. The guys in Liege at Digital Graphics have done some really super work on the textures and Ink and Paint and the guys in Spirit have done some cool work animating the extras in Flash. They really add a lot to the scenes. The team in Spirit have also been doing all the compositing of the scenes from Kilkenny that were cleaned up in Brazil by Lightstar. Martin Fagin is over there heading up the team that are doing trojan work cleaning up the animation done here over the past year.

A new Production Manager, Camille Leganza has started with us this month too, to help co-ordinate between all the studios. She is a veteran of Warner Bros. and Pixar and has a nifty collection of Incredibles crew teeshirts and jackets which she makes us all jealous with everyday.

We cut an animatic last week too to show the crew, and the producers, which had all the latest animation scenes and so on included. Some have said it was a bit of a morale boost to see it all coming together like that.

A shout out to the lads at Hobsoft - this remarkable software has been invaluable in keeping track of all the stuff flying around the different studios as we enter the final phase of production with studios in Hungary, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil, and France !
I can't imagine how it was ever done with FTP and emails!

So thats the craic ....



  1. sounds mental.
    I don't know how you manage all these different aspects. I'm struggling to keep my film together and I'm the only person involved...

    Amazing design for the viking, by the way. It looks brilliant.

  2. I am amazed by these designs! Every time I come here I leave inspired and completely intimidated. :P

    When is this coming to the US??

  3. oh, Poland is waitng for it!!!
    good luck!

    I Hope Bruno C. will publish The music soon.


  4. GET OUTTA HERE!...i say ur link on a friends blog and ive seen the characcter design and boarding at cartoon saloon and im glad u guys are keepin 2d alive. I love he designs there. Keep pumpin em out. Cant wait to see this all wrapped up and finished. very inspiring

  5. this film will be very good and original! I like your work and when i have visiting your studio cartoon saloon, i was very impressionate, it's a good memorie!!

  6. I'm an animator from US and I just found your blog and went through all the posts from the very begining, you guys have come a long way and I'm looking forward to seeing this film when it's released here in the states.

    good luck