Monday, May 07, 2007

barry g. reynolds

so , just a tiny sampling of hundreds of final model sheets, original designs and posing that Barry R. has done on Brendan.

Strangely, after two years he's no longer on the project, just floating about the town enjoying the weather and doing awesome charicatures of everyone. His lady friend Audrey is the production co-ordinator for Cartoon Saloons bit of Brendan so he's still flitting about writing love notes and making us all jealous with his new found freedom.
All the same I'm sure we'll tie him down to one of the upcoming projects sharpish.

check out the link above to his blog for more baztastic goodies.


  1. Serious stuff... The deer drawings at the end are incredible.

  2. These designs are really amazing!
    Can't wait to see these characters animated in the feature! Am familiar with that guy Barry Reynolds work, he is one of the best character designers out there...Can we see more of his stuff?