Thursday, June 15, 2006


man this is so class. Students, wha'?
check out the happy little dance on the guy about to be hanged when he thinks they're there to save him. class.

Sure ALL the Gobelins stuff is always so classy. I swear its a good old kick in the bum.


  1. I's art..max respect.

    anyway I'm always wondering about how much the real students do in a work like that.
    I'm sure they are amazing, I've seen a few reels of them at annecy.. but the direction of those festival's openings must be followed by experienced artist..I mean, they are too much perfect!

    Even the 3d ones are amazing and don't really look like 3d at all, and the quality of the rendering can compete with american studios's.
    Catch 'em all:

    Burning Safari

    Cocotte Minute




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  3. thank you valentina for your consideration,even for 3D shorts.Even if some of us chose 3D,we all have a 2D background, and we love 2D. Personally, I did 3D in order to make a step forward in animation, thinking about, why not, coming back to 2D..
    Bravo to cartoon saloon to prepare such a good gaphic looking film!

  4. To poly:

    Your guys are amazing!
    what do you eat?? :P

    Were you at Annecy too?

  5. polyminthe, but...that photo...are you sylvain?????
    if you're, alfredo and I are sending you and Romain a big embrace!
    we miss you!
    and yes, you gobelin guys are amazing, as usual...


    ps ciao vale