Monday, July 09, 2012

Last Orders

Hi there,

Just a note that this week will be the last week for a while that I take orders on watercolour paintings on the Cartoon Saloon shop.
I really enjoy making these paintings for fans who request them but I need to get my weekends back :)

So - if you want a little painting you will need to order this week ...



  1. Haha, I would've ordered one but I don't really have a permanent place where I live, so its ashame if I'd have a beautiful watercolour that I couldn't hang up. Love seeing your posts with picture of them though :)

  2. Hello Tomm, I would love if you could paint a watercolour of my Irish superhero team the Celtic Clan .

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  4. I am filled with regret that I just now found this blog. I would love to have a little painting. Is it too late to receive one? I would be interested in any that you might have left about...