Monday, April 11, 2011


Its a bit amazing to me to still be regularly creating Secret of Kells artwork so long after production wrapped.
These are my favourites of the recent commissions and gifts I've painted.
Its very relaxing to create purely painted pieces - no photoshop! 
Theres still a long list of people I've promised to paint something for - please be patient folks!


  1. Wow! Looks great! I love it!

  2. Great stuff! Love the colours

  3. They're all very amazing, but it's the first and last lot that truly got my attention. Aisling's brilliant whatever way one would draw her...! :D

  4. I love these so much!!! I was lucky enough to spend a little time with Chuck Jones several years ago and he drew a Daffy Duck for me that I will always cherish. I suspect I will be getting one of these for my collection someday. I love your style!! I am friends with Ralph Steadman and would love to see his art turned into animation one day. I hope you know his art? I think you could truly do it justice. What American animators do you truly love? Old school? New school? I can't wait for your next full length feature...Song of The Sea looks like another Oscar contender. I hope you come to Denver someday!
    Friend and Fan,
    Stewart Patton
    Denver Colorado

  5. wow that so beautyfull as ever nice watercolour done yeaa Aisling scary i buy them now

  6. I love them all, but the first one is simply STUNNING.

  7. So gorgeous! I finally saw "Secret of Kells" last night and was blown away by it. It does my heart good to see someone creating animation that is so unique and inspired, work that is hilarious, tragic, beautiful, menacing and sublime.

    Thank you so much Tomm! I can't wait to see "Song of the Sea."

  8. Well something like the previous comment... Tomm, I just saw Kells for the first time, so here's a new fan catching up with events, still under impression of the richest and most inspiring movie I've seen in ages. And to see that you are still creating artwork! Love these watercolours.
    Thank you for this wonderful experience!

    All the best,

  9. Hi Tomm,

    I've been following your updates and blogs for the last couple of years and only just recently did I finally get to see The Secret of Kells. I was absolutely blown away by it and knowing how much work you guys put into it behind the scenes makes it that much better. I love your sketches and especially your watercolors and was wondering if you were ever planning on releasing a "The Art of Secret of Kells" or something similar. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

    A True Fan of Your Work,
    JJ Parks :)

  10. Nice drawings, Tomm. Especially the ones with Aisling. Thank you so much for this film.

  11. I saw your movie last night and realised one important thing of my life. No matter how simple an idea is, when it comes to execution, even the simplest of ideas leave you spellbound with the final outcome. Most creative people are scratching their heads off to create niche, quirky and cool stuff. But your movie is so simple and yet so spontaneous and beautiful. I hope you soon come out with your new movie. Thanks for a lovely movie ...

  12. Hi there,

    I would love to commission a piece of art from you! Please let me know the best way to contact you. Thanks so much.


  13. Hello there Tomm,

    You mention in this post that many people are waiting for a piece of art from you. I am sure that all of those people are as big of a fan as my dear friend for whom I would love to commission one of your stunning Secret of the Kells watercolours. Perhaps then it does me no good to wax on about her love of all things truly Ireland. Of her desire to live there as she feels it her home. Of her frequent, deeply loved and researched visits there? Perhaps not, but perhaps yes. Her birthday is June 27th, and she recently told me about you and how she would just love to own a piece of your artwork. Who wouldn't??

    Please do let me know if you get the chance, whether or not this is possible. I live in Toronto, Canada, and would be more than happy to pay shipping and handling for an unframed piece.

    My contact is:
    or on Facebook - Una Jevtic
    or on phone: 647 567 2357 - I'd be happy to reverse charges if this works best!

    Thank let me know either way if you can, I would muchly appreciate it.


  14. Hi Tomm,

    As goomba478 said, i'd love to buy an artbook about Brendan and the secret of kells.

    This movie is simply amazing, i cannot stop watching it. i juste love everything in this movie!

    I apologize for my bad english, because i'm french.

    hope to see the artbokk soon, please...


  15. You're marvelous artist. Love Kells. Thanks. :)

  16. hi i live in Bangladesh. recently i have seen this movie. and i found it wonderful. and i am thinking if u make it's sequel.....

  17. This is the most "illuminating" drawn animation ever since a long time! Thanks so much! Will there be a German DVD too???

  18. Just had to stop by & say thank you for producing "the secret of Kells" such a magical, exquisite film in every way. ruthie

  19. Amazing art!! Your head is in an unstoppable inspiration mode. The watercolors give me the feeling of innocence and youth, guess it was what you wanted to inspire :)
    I totally loved the movie, it was refreshing and captivating, looking foward to see your next works! Big fan!

  20. Are you still doing those little watercolor sketches?
    Friend and Fan,
    Stewart Patton
    Denver, Co.

  21. Je viens juste de voir le secret de kells avec ma fille!
    C'est une merveille de créativité, qualité et de poésie.
    Nous avons des étoiles plein les yeux...pour longtemps!
    Merci pour ce doux moment !
    (et pardon pour mon mauvais anglais)
    Amélie (France)

  22. I just see the secret of kells with my daughter!
    It is a marvel of creativity, quality and poetry.
    We have stars in their eyes ... for a long time!
    Thank you for that sweet moment!
    (and sorry for my bad english)
    Amelie (France)

  23. My son introduced me to The Secret of Kells, knowing that I was extremely interested in the story of Iona, the Vikings, and the Columban monks that illuminated those pages.

    I found the film inspired and visually stunning... absolutely well done indeed.

    Aaron Bittner
    Rocky Mount, North Carolina

  24. I absolutely love The Secret of Kells. I also love collecting art from my favorite animated movies. Would it be possible to commission one of these lovely water colors? If so, please contact me. I can't wait to see more of your work in the future.

  25. I am a big fan of fairy tales and cartoons. I read countless tales from Chinese to Aztec, I watched a lot of animated movies, but nothing is as magical as The Secret of Kells. Your watercolors are truly remarkable. I like all the characters, but I must admit that my favorite of all is Aisling.