Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Roger Eberts 2010 list of best animated films


  1. can't believe it did not win the Oscar! although Miyazaki's Totoro did not win either! that reflects US lack of test and creativity!
    Anyway the Secret of Kells is mindblowing! same level as Miyazaki's movies!
    is the eye of Iona or alternatively the eye of Crom Cruach based on any celtic design or legend? i can't find any info on it on the web! so if it was purely creative design from your team, Is it based on particular proportion or is there any signification behind it?
    i'm just a bit crazy about sacred geometry and symbolism (so why your film is pure bliss for the eyes!!!)
    cheers from the crazy french man

  2. I am too just mad about the symbolism! It was the most magical film I have ever seen. My children were spellbound as was I!! Stunning! We will watch it again many many times! Thank you!! And the music was beautiful!

  3. What news from the Seal Wife?

  4. ps - where are my manners? Congratulations on another well-deserved honor!

  5. What an incredible, lushious animation. Loved it! Buying it to watch again and again.

  6. Hey Jean here ya go