Monday, October 11, 2010

Back on the auld sod

Many thanks to everyone in sf Portland and NYC who cane along to the screenings and the panel in nycomicon ! I had a great time ,but glad to be home.


  1. Hi there! Great meeting you at the panel (I am the red haired girl from Austria). I own you a shirt and will send it to the studio in Ireland asap. All the best so far!

  2. Hello! The panel was amazing! (I was the girl with the pink wig and the white outfit) It was great seeing all the production art and character designs as well as hearing so much about the production process for the film...I felt quite inspired afterward to draw/create something new. =)

    Also, thanks again for signing my Aisling sketch and for taking a picture with me! Your panel was definitely the highlight of my NYAF/Comicon experience. ^v^

  3. My friends and I had a great time sketching with you on Sunday. The panel was great and of course we all bought the movie afterwards. Can't wait to see what your working on next.

  4. Hello, guys!

    Great meeting you at NYC Comicon, I hope NYC was kind to you and showed you a good time.

    All the best!
    —Alberto (AKA Brandstudio Press)

  5. Nice article on Ireland: