Monday, April 06, 2009

They thought the art director wore tight pants...

Latest report from Traveller fraggle Twomey....
"Funny in the Q&A after the film yesterday I was saying something about the art direction & the translator said 'Rod Stewart' and everybody oohed &aaahed"
For my part I am in Dublin Airport with the family on my way to Auvers and Beauvais....its raining here...and over there it seems ...
But check out the photo Nora sent above!


  1. That's Plaza de Mayo ;-) You can see the BsAs Cathedral from there.

  2. Rod Stewart haunts my life - if I had a cent for every time my name has been mixed up with his, I'd have 76 cents

  3. I was there during the screening, and I have to admit that the girl who translated what you said was dreadful.
    I would also like to say that I simply couldn`t believe how beautiful this film was. It`s amazing how you captured the medieval style and Gustav Klimt`s art all in one film. I came home and told my family they simply had to see it, somewhere, sometime. I am a great fan of Irish films, so I had tickets for every single Irish film screened at the BAFICI festival, and yours was, by far, my favourite one. Congratulations on what you`ve achieved, thank you for the impossibly beautiful film, and good luck.