Sunday, April 02, 2006

all the pretty pictures

This guy is my new hero.
So many styles , all so well conceived and executed.
When I grow up I wanna be like that, except hes younger than me!

This is nothing to do with the production of the film - except that I'm thinking of it now when I should be working on the boards for tommorow before Jeremy comes down.
Anyway I was recently thinking of how the amount of available artwork and info about artists for artists has exploded in the last few years.
I remember in school, the best artists I knew were Stewie and Aidan (in fact they are STILL two of the best artists I know but thats another story), then in college there was all these new artists and my head went into a spin seeing all their stuff and trying to measure up. Then I kinda found my place or whatever, and so on... but now with the proliferation of blogs and websites like and, its just mind blowing the amount of brilliant artwork thats so accessible. In fact it can be quite distracting and overwhelming!
Anyway its just a phenonomenon (mehnawmanaw) that I've been really aware of lately since I started the blog and starting going to others blogs.

Overall its great - inspiring , interesting, informative, but it requires real discipline not to get sucked in to just surfing and drooling at all the work!

right back to work!


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  2. Morning Tomm

    I have Alan (a design blogger north of Dublin! to thank for pointing me in the direction of this. It's deadly to see it and I am going to enjoy subscribing and watching it unfold :-)

  3. I hears you on all the excellent artists out there that I find on a daily basis due to blogs. It always depresses me yet inspires me at the same time...forcing me to try harder, to explore different techniques and Wouter Tulp's stuff as well...thanks for the link.

  4. your blog is fantastic- keep us all informed on the film. I've been following the production of this one since 2001! It looks fantastic!