Monday, January 16, 2006

Til next time Todor!

ahh sure no post for a week or two and then a couple at once.

drawing a bit more now. work breeds work. i guess its like excercise - so easy to put off.

one of the best things about this production is working with experienced and taleted folks.
our colour script is being created by tod polson, although we originally planned for him to
stick around and be head of bgs ,another production has greater need pf his powers and he cannot ignore this great burden of responsiblity he bears so , sadly he is departing us tommorow!

a real nice guy - check out his gorgeous film -
its a really mighty cartoon.
anyway i learnt a huge amount from Tod and I'm sure we'll work together again soon.

also he got me started weight training which is one of those things I just never wanted to start without someone showing me the ropes. As well as a superb colour stylist Tod was once a champion power lifter- some combo...

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